Lehdon Liikenne

”Due to Covid-19, the whole procurement process was done utilising remote tools, which turned out to work well.” 

Lehdon Liikenne Oy has been involved in passenger transport since the inception of the trade. They have been developing services as a family business already for over seventy years. 

Why LogiApps? 

” We came across LogiApps when a colleague who was already familiar with the system encouraged us to look in more detail what LogiApps had to offer. After some brief homework, I contacted the vendor and based on the conversation the system seemed to fit our needs. 

Our operation has expanded during recent years. We are now operating from multiple locations instead of a single hub. This has resulted in the previous systems no longer serving us and has led to a wider digitisation process. LogiApps was chosen because it is an effective system and more advanced than the previous one. Moreover, the vendor’s willingness to listen to our needs and meet them was important to us. 

Building trust with remote tools 

Due to Covid-19, the whole procurement process was done utilising remote tools, which turned out to work well. Due to the pleasant, customer-oriented attitude of the vendor, it was possible to establish trust even without meetings in person.” Read more. 

The on-boarding process went smoothly. Due to effects of Covid-19, the overall business was slower than normal and personnel had a good time learning how the system works. There were no difficulties with deploying LogiApps into production. 

LogiApps providing flexibility 

I will grade LogiApps 8.5/10, since there should always be left room for improvement. Despite LogiApps originating in freight transport, there are only small nuances in terms of the difference with the needs of passenger traffic. And once again, the vendor has listened to these needs with a keen ear. 

All in all, LogiApps has made our work easier. When we got all processes under control, I get to do roughly 90 % of my work remotely. This is a huge improvement. In normal conditions, I spend a lot of time abroad and previously all the work was waiting for me to return from a trip. This change is something that I want to thank the developers for. 

I can recommend LogiApps since it is an effective system in logistics management.” 

Keywords: enterprise resource planning system for the passenger transport industry, work hour tracking, positioning system